Sales Representatives

Alan Nichols

Jacksonville, FL

Sales & Marketing Manager


[email protected]

Favorite Raail Color: Seafoam Green

Alan has been in the industry since late 2013. Started with spraying cars to having a shop and then opening a pigment company and now helping us with sales and marketing. Looking to have a specific color? Contact him.


Adrian Villarreal

Santa Cruz, CA

Sales Representative


[email protected]

Favorite Raail Color: Anything with Candy or Flakes

Adrian has a true passion for adding color to cars. The creative mindset he has is out of this world. Two words “Candy” and “Flakes”, best describes Adrian. Bounce some ideas around with him.


John Liendo

Austin, TX

Sales Representative


[email protected]

Favorite Raail Color: Frozen Grey


John loves the stealth look on his cars. Looking for something aggressive? Looking for something that makes people look twice but not adding too much attention. Contact John today.


Ben Boyer

Central VA

Sales Representative


[email protected]

Favorite Raail Color: Cloud nine

Ben is a family man and knows the value of time. His customer service is amazing and knows the industry inside and out. If you have a color in mind, he’s either sprayed it, seen it or sold it. Contact him today.



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