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RAL Colors

The RAL color line allows us access to over 250 colors. RAL as a company has been within the color game, so to speak, for quiet a while. Since 1927. They started with 40 colors and have started adding more since. We are able to… Read More »RAL Colors

Overheating Turbine

I personally have a stage 5 Turbine and don’t currently have an upgrade 220v outlet or upgrader breaker. I started to run into some issues with the turbine running very very very hot. After doing some basic trouble shooting (cleaning filters, adding more air flow… Read More »Overheating Turbine

How to Prep Your Car

When liquid wrapping, prepping a car is the most important part of the process. Some people may think a coating will adhere no matter the surface however let’s think about a piece of tape, you can have 3 different surfaces with the same kind of… Read More »How to Prep Your Car