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RAL Colors

The RAL color line allows us access to over 250 colors. RAL as a company has been within the color game, so to speak, for quiet a while. Since 1927. They started with 40 colors and have started adding more since. We are able to use the color formulas for the K7 RAL fan deck. To purchase one click here. Great to see in person. Especially if you’re a shop. Customers love seeing colors in person. What a better way than having 250+ in your back pocket. 

The RAL color line comes in Drop-in tints; Currently offering two sizes. 8oz and 32oz. 1 Drop-in tint per gallon. The 32oz (one quart) option is great for installers who want to keep more stock of tints. 32oz will tint 5-6 gallons. 

Speaking of installers, we have taken it further to support installers. Instead of waiting for shipping and paying us to make the RAL color, we have shared the process. Check out our RAL Full Tint Kit. Essentially you’ll have all 13 core colors/tints there in person and the excel spreadsheet of all RAL colors. Even some RAAIL colors on this list. Save money and time. Message us for more info. 

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