Matte Black AirWrap™ Car Kit




Beginner to Pro liquid wrap material built for shops or DIY’ers


This kit includes:

This kit comes with 2 Dark Grey AirWrap gallons and 2 Matte Black AirWrap gallons.

  • – Even further improved scratch resistances for everyday driving.
  • – Increased performance with addition of pearls with minimal loss of gloss at low levels.
  • – Perfect balance of dry time for hot and cold climates with optional reducers.
  • – Enhanced pigment orientation for use with transparent candy, pearls and lamp tinting applications.
  • – Amplifies matting agent and poly-chromatic effects.
  • – Even further improved self leveling technology for consistent results time and time again.
  • – Optimized anti-run technology promoting even less orange peel.
  • – Created, Made and sold by Raail Performance Coatings.


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Real Painter Tech Support line: 301-646-6921


Weight 29 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 13 × 7 in
VOC Content

Low VOC (CA,DE,MD), Standard VOC