AirWrap HS Sprayer 1700


Pre-Order for the Raail HS (High Solids) Sprayer.

Pre-Order kits include 2 gallons of AirWrap HS

The 1700 has upgraded output motor for better atomization and distance. Slightly more durable internal construction. A full metal body spray gun and metal pump frame.

This spray gun is essential for spraying only Airwrap HS for a fast drying, even and smooth peelable base. This gun features:

*Complete unit with gun, pump, hoses and tip. Will need a grounded standard extension cord not included.
*Ultra fast film building application and dry time
*Easy product application with minimal overspray
*Minimum product waste
*Easy cleanup and continual use.
*Designed for solvent use, Metal and Polyethylene internals.
*Use your existing setup for topcoats, Only replaces the base.

Weight 29 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 14 × 10 in