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Sphere Clear (2k Gloss) Car Kit

From $728

The Default quantities are for a small vehicle, read description below for larger sizes

Activator Speed
Color Choice
Base Tint
Base color should match the tone of your main color. Black is a common color for pure pearl applications.

Simply Build your kit here.  Suggested product amount for each car size:

1 Cube= 2.5 Gallons

1 8oz tint suggested per gallon.

Small to Medium: 2 Cubes Raail Basecoat (You may have a small amount of basecoat leftover), 2 (8oz) base color, 2 (8oz) tint, 2 (32oz) Sphere Clear, 2 (32oz) Sphere Activator

Large: 3 Cubes Raail Basecoat (you will have some basecoat leftover), 3 (8oz) base color, 3 (8oz) tint, 3 (32oz) Sphere Clear, 3 (32oz) Sphere Activator

XL: 4 Cubes Raail Basecoat, 3 (8oz) base color, 4 (8oz) tint, 4 (32oz) Sphere Clear, 4 (32oz) Sphere Activator

Car sizes here:

Getting ready to spray

We suggest doing a test panel prior to spraying full scale. This is to ensure your gun setting, speed and distance along with color are set. To read a more in depth how to, click here.

Apply 2-3 tack coats of Raail Basecoat. 10 Min in between coats. Medium coats there after.

Apply Raail Basecoat coats as suggested per correct vehicle kit size. Suggested to use the entire gallon. Spraying panel by panel is fine here.

Apply the Midcoat. This is your tinted gallons. These can be pearls, tints or flakes. Best to apply full passes vs panel by panel.

Allow 2 hours to cure before unmasking.



Q: Can I spray Sphere Clear with a turbine?

A: We definitely suggest a compressor for this process.


Q: Do I need a paint booth?

A: A paint booth is HIGHLY suggested for spraying Sphere; having a clean work space helps prevent dirt/trash from landing on the surface.


Q: My vehicle is the same color as the Primer. Do I still need to apply the Primer?

A: Yes, this will ensure durability and prevent any unwanted peeling. Also if you are using pearls, you will always need to spray a base before spraying pearls. You would never spray Clear Midcoat + Pearls over your OEM paint.


Always do a test panel!

Weight 40 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 in
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