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WrapSol (Prep Spray)

Raail WrapSol
Prep Spray in an aerosol


  • Best used with a lint free towel
  • Great for a final wipe down
  • Works to remove oil, wax, tar and thin removable coatings
  • Helps create a stronger adhesion from the clearcoat to the base


Directions: Shake well before using. After the vehicle is masked do a final wipe down of all panels using Raail WrapSol Prep Spray. Constantly flipping your towel often. Ensure all product is removed from the surface.


Frequently asked questions

Q: Do I need to use WrapSol when spraying a car?

A: Not “needed” however it will ensure your surface is cleaned well before spraying. If not at least wipe the surface down with water and denatured alcohol.


Q: How can I remove thin plasti dip?

A: Raail WrapSol will make this job so much easier. No need to pressure wash off and worry about damage to your paint if going too strong. Or using GooGone and messing up the black trim/plastics on the vehicle. Spray on, wipe off. You may need to apply a couple coats of WrapSol on to the thin dip in order to wipe away.


Q: How many cars can I do with this prep spray?

A: An average of 2-3 cars. Best to wash the car with water and dawn dish soap and than use Raail WrapSol as a final wipe down.


Q: Can I use WrapSol with other paints than Raail?

A: Of course. WrapSol works great with all removable coatings and even automotive paint.