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Step-by-Step Guide to Apply Raail Airwrap


  • Choose a Suitable Location: Find a well-ventilated, dust-free area, ideally a garage or a covered space to avoid debris and weather elements.
  • Gather Necessary Equipment: Ensure you have all required tools, including a high-quality sprayer, masking tape, paper or plastic sheets for covering non-painted areas, cleaning supplies, a clay bar, and, of course, Raail Airwrap liquid wrap.

Clean the Vehicle

  • Mix a cap full of Raail Pre-Wash soap with 5 gallons of hot or warm water. This specific mixture will help in effectively breaking down and removing surface contaminants.
  • Wash the car thoroughly with this solution to remove any dirt, grime, or oil. Pay extra attention to crevices and hidden spots.
  • After washing, use a clay bar over the entire vehicle. Employ the same Raail Pre-Wash and water blend as a lubricant for the clay bar. This ensures a safer and smoother glide over the vehicle’s surface, minimizing the risk of scratching while removing residual contaminants.
  • Rinse the vehicle thoroughly to remove all soap and clay residues.
  • Dry the vehicle completely before proceeding.


  • Mask Off Areas: Use masking tape and paper/plastic sheets to cover windows, lights, grilles, and other areas not intended to be wrapped. Ensure the edges are sealed to prevent the wrap from seeping underneath. We suggest 3M Green 233+ tape and 3M Perforated Trim Masking Tapes

Mixing the Product

  • Base Product: Understand that Raail Airwrap comes in a clear form as the base product.
  • Mixing Instructions: Follow Raail’s provided instructions carefully to prepare the Airwrap. Ensure the mixture is homogeneous and free of lumps for an even application.
  • Tinting (If Desired): If you opt for a tinted finish, you can add liquid tint concentrates to the base product. The recommended amount is between 8 to 16 ounces of tint per gallon of Airwrap.
  • Adding Pearls: For an additional effect, you can incorporate pearls into the mixture. You may add any amount of pearl, but it should not exceed 75 grams per gallon to maintain the consistency and application quality of the Airwrap.


  • Test Spray: Before applying on the car, do a test spray on a piece of cardboard to get a feel of the spray gun and adjust the flow as needed.
  • First Three Coats Application: Apply the first layer lightly and evenly. This layer acts as a base and might not provide full coverage.
  • Subsequent Layers: Allow the first layer to dry as per the instructions (usually about 15-20 minutes). Apply 3-5 more layers, depending on the desired thickness and opacity. Ensure each layer is dry before applying the next.

Drying and Curing

  • Drying Time: After the final layer, let the vehicle dry for the time specified by the product instructions. This could range from a few hours to overnight.
  • Curing Time: Allow the wrap to cure fully. This process might take several days, during which the vehicle should not be exposed to harsh conditions like rain or direct sunlight.

Finishing Touches

  • Remove Masking: Carefully remove all masking materials. Use a razor blade or a similar tool if necessary to clean up the edges.
  • Inspect the Vehicle: Check the entire vehicle for any uneven spots, drips, or missed areas. If necessary, apply touch-ups.
  • Post-Application Care: Avoid washing the car for about a week. Follow specific care instructions provided by Raail for maintaining the Airwrap.

Safety Tips

  • Always wear protective gear, including gloves, goggles, and a respirator.
  • Ensure good ventilation to avoid inhaling fumes.
  • Follow all safety instructions provided with the Raail Airwrap product.

Final Notes

  • Practice makes perfect. If it’s your first time, consider practicing on a smaller object.
  • Be patient and meticulous for the best results.
  • Consult Raail’s technical support if you encounter any issues or have questions.

Remember, the key to a successful application is preparation and patience. Take your time to ensure each step is done correctly for a professional-looking finish.