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Green Apple Pearl


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Green Apple Pearl for Raail Coatings

Enhance your vehicle with the dazzling allure of Green Apple Pearl, specially formulated for Raail Performance Coatings. Ideal for both Raail Basecoat and Airwrap systems, this premium pearl additive infuses your vehicle with a mesmerizing, multi-dimensional effect.

• Recommended Base: For optimal results, apply Green Apple Pearl over a green base to accentuate its vibrant hues and depth.
• Superior Quality: Our finely milled pearls guarantee a smooth, even application for a professional-grade finish.
• Depth and Vibrancy: Mix with Raail coatings to enrich your vehicle’s color, creating a stunning, eye-catching effect.
• Easy Mixing: Seamlessly blends with Raail coatings, offering a hassle-free application for a perfect pearlescent sheen.
• Application Guidelines: Adhere to the mixing recommendations for Raail Airwrap or basecoat to achieve the best results.
• Maximum Usage Limit: To maintain the integrity of the finish and prevent color saturation, use no more than 75 grams of Green Apple Pearl per gallon.
• Durability: Crafted to withstand various environmental conditions, preserving its beauty and vibrancy over time.
• Color Variety: Select from a range of colors to find the perfect match for your style and vehicle.

Green Apple Pearl adds an exquisite layer of sophistication to your vehicle, turning it into a breathtaking work of art. Whether aiming for a subtle shimmer or a dramatic statement, this pearl additive enhances the overall look of your automotive finish with its unique charm and elegance.

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