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How to Spray a Car with Spherical Clearcoat in Four Days

For an understanding of an ideal timeline for Raail Spherical Clearcoat installations, follow this recommended standard operating procedure suggested by Raail professionals all over the country.

Day 1

• Clean work tables 
• Sweep floors 
• Wash using Blue Dawn dish soap or Simple Green and clay bar parts, car or project 
• Spray the work area ground with water if possible
• Pull in car and air blow off or dry
• Mask with 3M™ Green 233+ tape, automotive plastic and paper

Day 2

• Blow and wipe with glass cleaner 
• Three light coats of Raail Basecoat 
• Medium coats of base color until coverage 
• Medium coats of Pearl / effect / metallic until even coverage 
• Inspect, clean correct (if needed use lint free towel and glass cleaner)
• Two wet coats of clearcoat

Day 3

• Unmask 
• Remove from work area

Day 4

• Wash
• Detail
• Clean jambs, dash and drivers perspective (sit in the drivers seat and clean everything you can see) 
• Quality control 
• Repeat any steps based on quality control

Last Step – Call Customer for Pick Up

Remember to NEVER: 
• Give a firm completion date – it stays until it’s 100%
• Tell a customer it’s ready until after quality control from manager is done
• Never over promise and never under deliver