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AirWrap V2 Kit Pre-Order

From $398

Available on backorder

Base Tint

Reducer increase flow. We recommend at least a quart

Color Choice

NOW SHIPPING! We are still testing out V2 so we have inconsistent shipping times on this product.

Simply Build your kit here.  Suggested product amount for each car size:

1 Cube= 2.5 Gallons

1 8oz tint suggested per gallon.

Small: 2 Cubes Airwrap V2, 2 (8oz) base color, 2 (8oz) tint

Medium: 3 Cubes Airwrap V2, 2 (8oz) base color, 3 (8oz) tint (you will have plenty leftover)

Large: 3 Cubes Airwrap V2, 3 (8oz) base color, 3 (8oz) tint (you will have some leftover)

XL: 3 Cubes Airwrap V2,  3 (8oz) base color, 4 (8oz) tint

Car sizes here:

Get Some Practice in with AirWrap Version 2

This bundle includes enough material to learn to tint and spray test panels.

We suggest getting this kit first and doing some spray outs.

HVLP 1.5 and larger tip @ 18-22 PSI

Apply Two -Three light tack coats followed by 4-5 medium – wet coats of clear, color, pearl.

If you have any questions with the process then contact technical support.

Weight 35 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 10 × 10 in