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Sphere Activator (Spherical)


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Sphere Activator

Product Description:

Specifically crafted to be used exclusively in conjunction with the Sphere P-Ceramic Clear Coat, this activator ensures that the clear coat adheres, flows, and cures to perfection. Available in three tailored speeds – slow, medium, and fast – it caters to a variety of environmental conditions and application preferences.

Key Features:

  1. Mandatory Pairing: The Sphere Activator is not just an enhancement, but a necessity. It is designed to be used solely in tandem with the Sphere P-Ceramic Clear Coat, guaranteeing the perfect synergy for an impeccable finish.
  2. Versatile Speeds: With the availability of slow, medium, and fast speeds, adapt to any environmental condition, whether you’re working in cooler climates, need a balanced setting time, or require a rapid cure in warmer temperatures.
  3. Optimized Formulation: Precisely formulated to complement the Sphere P-Ceramic Clear Coat, it ensures a seamless blend, excellent flow, and unmatched adhesion.
  4. Consistent Mixing Ratio: For a flawless application, maintain a strict 1:1 ratio with the Sphere P-Ceramic Clear Coat. This guarantees uniformity, predictability, and top-tier results every single time.
  5. Safe and Efficient: Adhering to the highest industry standards, Sphere Activator offers a reliable and effective experience for both professionals and hobbyists.

Application Recommendations:

For best results, it’s imperative to mix the Sphere Activator and Sphere P-Ceramic Clear Coat in a strict 1:1 ratio. Depending on your environment and desired drying time, choose the appropriate speed variant – slow, medium, or fast. Thorough mixing ensures a consistent blend. Use an HVLP spray gun, making even passes to attain uniform coverage. Always follow the application guidelines provided with the Sphere P-Ceramic Clear Coat for a seamless finish.


The Sphere Activator is not just an accompaniment, but a fundamental part of the Sphere P-Ceramic Clear Coat system. When used in the recommended ratio and manner, it promises to deliver an unmatched automotive finish that stands the test of time.

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 7 in
Activator Speed

Ultraslow12, Slow13, Medium14, Fast15